Govt increases petrol price for next fortnight

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ISLAMABAD: The central government has expanded the cost of petroleum by Rs10 per liter for the following fortnightly survey, reported Bureaucratic Pastor for Money Ishaq Dar.

In an explanation, the Money Division said the reasoning behind a climb in the cost of oil based goods was the “expansion in oil costs in the global market and swapping scale variety”.

Petroleum’s cost has been expanded to Rs282 per liter, while fast diesel and light diesel oil rates will stay stable at Rs293 per liter and Rs174.68 per liter, individually, the assertion from the Money Division read.

Notwithstanding, an increment of Rs5.78 per liter has been made to the cost of lamp oil, moving it from Rs180.28 per liter to Rs186.07 per liter.

ProductExisting prices w.e.f
New prices
High-speed diesel293293Nil
Light diesel oil174.68174.68Nil

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